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Connect Shared Mailbox with Zoho

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Vibhor Agrawal
Updated 2 years ago

Connect your shared mailbox with Zoho CRM and see your customer's information, coming from Zoho, directly in Helpwise.

To integrate your Zoho CRM with Helpwise, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Helpwise account.
  • Now, click on the "Manage" tab on the top and select "Integrations".
go to helpwise integrations section
  • Then, click on the "Connect Zoho" present in the Zoho card.
connect zoho button in helpwise
  • It will open the Zoho panel. Here, you have to select a Zoho data center in which your CRM account resides.
select zoho data center helpwise integration
  • For finding out your data center, look for the URL in the address bar in your Zoho CRM account. It should be either, or If it is, then the data center is .com, and so on.
  • After selecting the respected data center, click on the "Connect" button. It will redirect you to Zoho authorization page.
  • Click on the "Accept" button, to connect your Zoho account with Helpwise shared mailbox.

Your Helpwise account is now connected with Zoho, it will allow you to see the Zoho contact and deal information directly in your Helpwise shared mailbox.

You can also create contacts and deals in Zoho directly from Helpwise.

For more information on how to track the Zoho CRM contact and deal information of your customer in Helpwise, check out our feature updates page.

You can also schedule a free demo with our product expert, to find out how Helpwise shared mailbox work.

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