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Inbox Settings

Configure your Helpwise inbox settings for improved query management.
Vibhor Agrawal
Updated 11 months ago

Helpwise gives you powerful settings to Manage your Inboxes. You can visit https://app.helpwise.io/settings/inboxes to review and update Inbox settings.

1. Basic Settings

General Settings
General Settings

They are the general settings like name for your Inbox, they also have your Inbox's email or phone number. You can also add an email which you want to bcc automatically for every email sent by your team.

If you wish to update Email Address or Phone number you may contact us using live chat or email us at help@helpwise.io

2. Inbox Users

This is a setting is a quick place to glance which of your users you've granted permission to. You can also update the access of users to this Inbox quickly without visiting the User's permissions individually.

3. Incoming Settings

This is a setting in email Inboxes

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