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Using a Google Group as a shared inbox

Transform a Google Group into a shared inbox and collaborate better.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 9 months ago
Note: This is not a recommended option. We strongly recommend creating a common Gmail account (and setting that up via our 2 way sync with Gmail) for the optimum experience on Helpwise. There will be a Google Workspace license cost associated with making a Google Group a Gmail account.

Helpful information before you get started:

  1. Google Groups are set up using email forwarding so Helpwise will only have access to emails moving forward. No historical emails will be imported as Google does not yet provide a Google Group API to access or import those emails.
  2. It is recommended to remove any individual members of a Google group who will be joining your Helpwise team after setting up the inbox on Helpwise. Because a Helpwise inbox is collaborative, team members will have access to all emails imported from the Google group.
    • If a team member is not removed from or unsubscribed from the Google Group, they will receive a duplicate copy of every email that comes into the Google group - one in the Helpwise team inbox, and one in their private inbox.

Google Group Setup - Incoming emails
  1. Go to Inboxes > Add inbox from the top navigation bar

  2. Click on Other email client

  3. Input the Google group address in the "Email Address" field and click "Next: Add Team Members"

  4. You can add team members now or do this later > Click on "Next:Start Receiving Emails"

  5. Copy the forwarding address

  6. Go to your Gmail account and navigate to "Groups" from the menu options in Gmail

  7. Add the forwarding address as a member of the Google Group
    • If you get an error around not being able to add external members, you will need to check with the Google Admin in your organisation to get the rights to add external members

  8. Go to your inbox settings from Manage > Inboxes from top navigation panel

  9. Click on "Test Forwarding"

  10. You will receive an email on the Google Group email id and the forwarding will be verified
You will now start receiving emails sent to your Google Group in your Helpwise inbox!

Outgoing settings
  1. Though you can start sending emails via the Helpwise domain, it is recommended you set up your DNS settings for better deliverability
    • This is an advanced setting - please contact your IT admin to set it up for you if you are unsure how to go about it
  2. Click on "Verify" once the DNS settings have been configured


Why don't I receive some messages?
Google Groups does not accept any incoming messages that have auto-reply metadata in the email headers, so these messages will not reach your Google Group inbox or Helpwise. These messages include bounces, out-of-office messages, vacation responders, or any type of automated message that contains an Auto-submitted header. The reason they do this is so that these messages are not sent to the whole mailing list and result in spam for your members. Unfortunately, Helpwise does not have any control over this, as it is being filtered out by Google before it gets forwarded to Helpwise. If it becomes a problem, Google suggests working with the sender to edit their email headers so that they do not include the Auto-submitted header for these types of emails.

Why does Recipient address change when replying?
When replying, if the recipient address changes to an address other than the actual recipient that sent you the email, you will need to head to email options under the general settings area of your Google Group account. You would then need to make sure the "Post replies to" field is set to "Sender chooses recipient."
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