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ClickUp Integration - Features and Setup

Quickly skim through ClickUp's tasks and linked conversations right in Helpwise.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 10 months ago
ClickUp X Helpwise Integration allows users to bring tasks and conversations together in one place! Users can quickly create, link and view/update ClickUp's tasks within Helpwise. Users can also add context by creating tasks with configurable custom fields.

What can you do with ClickUp X Helpwise Integration 
1. Create ClickUp Tasks: Created task(s) get linked to the particular Helpwise conversation.
2. Update ClickUp Tasks: Edit existing issues and add comments directly from Helpwise.
3. Link Existing Tasks to a conversation: Skim through existing tasks in the workspace and link them to the particular conversation.
4. Configure Custom Fields: Add additional context to your ClickUp Tasks. Custom fields can be configured from integration settings.
5. View your linked task in ClickUp: When you create or link a conversation to a task, it will automatically add a link back to the Helpwise Conversation in your ClickUp task's comment section.

How to Setup ClickUp X Helpwise Integration

Step 1: Go to the Automation menu and select Integrations.Step 2: Select ClickUp from the list of integrations and click on Connect.
Step 3: Authorize Helpwise to access your ClickUp account by logging into your ClickUp account.
Step 4: Select Workspaces to connect with Helpwise.Step 5: You're all set! Start using ClickUp from the integration panel on Helpwise.

Start using ClickUp x Helpwise integration to efficiently collaborate across your support, product and engineering teams!

If you have any queries about the ClickUp x Helpwise integration or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at 
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