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Integrate Airtable with Helpwise

Easily sync your Helpwise metadata with Airtable.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 1 year ago
Helpwise's Airtable integration makes it easy for you to bring information from Helpwise conversations into a single, centralized table within Airtable. You can sync metadata from your Helpwise conversations into Airtable and reference those records in your bases later.

Data Sync in Airtable + Helpwise Integration

Airtable + Helpwise Integration syncs conversation metadata from Helpwise inboxes into the Airtable base table. The following metadata is synced from Helpwise to Airtable:

Helpwise Metadata
  Message ID
  The message ID of the conversation in Helpwise Inbox
  From, CC, To
  Details of recipient and sender details
  Details of the author of the message
  Created at
  Entry date of the row in the table
  Conversation Link
  Helpwise conversation link to track unique conversation
  Subject, Text
  Content of the mail: Subject line and Body of the mail

  Status of the conversation in Helpwise: Open or Closed
  Mailbox ID
  Mail address of the Helpwise Inbox
  Mail type
  Incoming or outgoing mail type

How to configure Helpwise's Airtable Integration?

To configure this integration, follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Go to the Automation menu and select Integrations.Step 2: Select Airtable from the list of integrations and click on Connect.
Step 3: Select an Airtable base where you wish to store the metadata and click Grant access.
A table named "Helpwise" will be created in the selected base and Helpwise metadata will be synced to that table.

Step 4:You're all set! Subsequent Helpwise metadata will be synced in your Helpwise table in the selected Airtable base.

1. When enabling Helpwise's Airtbale integrations for the first time, If there is already a table named "Helpwise" exists in the base, you will need to remove that table first and enable the integration.

2. If you have enabled Helpwise's Airtable integration previously, there will be an existing table named "Helpwise". Hence, after subsequently enabling the integration, the same table will be appended with the synced metadata.

3. We recommend you not change the table and column names while using this integration. However, you can add additional columns in the table and populate them accordingly.

Start using Helpwise's Airtable integration to sync metadata and collaborate across your teams!

If you have any queries about Helpwise's Airtable integration or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at 

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