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Learn to create and manage multiple signatures in Helpwise.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 1 year ago
Signatures Overview
Signatures are an essential part of any email, as they provide important information about the sender and their organization.
When it comes to Helpwise, signatures become even more critical, as they help ensure consistency and professionalism across all inboxes.

On Helpwise, each team member can set their own unique signature.

Creating a signature

a. HTML snippet (Recommended)

Using HTML snippets is the recommended way to set up signatures on Helpwise as it ensures consistency in the signature format.

Step 1 :

Head over to Manage and click on Signatures

Step 2:

Click on the option "setup new" at the top right corner of the page

Step 3:

Give a name for your signature to make it easily identifiable, and select the list of inboxes in which the signature has to be made available or you can also choose all inboxes to make it available across all the inboxes.

Step 4 :

Toggle off the button to change the signature to RAW HTML format and Paste your HTML snippet in the blank space provided.

Note: Toggle to Visual, as you can see how the signature looks visually.

Step 5:

Hit on Create to save the signature

This is how you can create a very customized and styled signature

b. Visual

Follow the same steps as mentioned above, with the visual format you can add inline images from your computer. There are also formatting options available to provide rich text for your signature.

Modify an existing signature

Head over to Manage and click on signatures to see the list of signatures created.

Make the changes and hit on save

Managing multiple signatures

While replying or composing a conversation you can change the signature if you have multiple signatures for different use cases and scenarios.

Need help with setting up signatures? Reach out to our support team on live chat support or help@helpwise.io.
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