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Saved Replies / Canned Responses on Helpwise

Save time on repetitive queries by creating response templates.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 10 months ago
A saved reply is a templated response (also known as canned responses / saved replies) that can be created and quickly sent to customers. Helpwise users can create templates for repetitive queries which saves time and improves productivity.

Administrators can categorize saved replies into categories and assign them to inboxes, allowing agents to easily find the appropriate template.

Creating Saved Replies

Step 1:

Head over to the automation menu and click on saved replies.

Step 2:
To Create a new saved reply by clicking on the "Create New" button.
Step 3:
Give your Saved reply a name that's easy to remember and describes what the message is for.

Step 4:
Choose the inboxes to which you wish to make the saved reply available.

Step 5:
Select a category for the saved reply or click on the + icon to create a new category for the saved reply.

Step 6:
Give a Subject Line to make it available for email templates

Step 7:
Write your message in the text box provided. You can use variables such as {{recipient.firstname}}, {{recipient.email}} and etc to make your message more personalized. These placeholders will be replaced with the actual name or email when you use the saved reply.

For Example, you can have a reply such as:
Hi {{recipient.fullname}}, 
Thanks for your email. You should receive a reply positively withing next 2-3 business hours.
Regards, {{user.fullname}}   
Step 8:
Save your reply by clicking on "create".

Note: A new saved reply can also be created directly from the editor while replying to a customer

Step 1:
While replying/composing a new conversation click on the saved reply icon to insert a saved reply.

Step 2:

Click "New" to create a new saved reply.

Step 3:

Specify the Name, Category, and variable for the saved reply and hit on "create" to save.

Inserting Saved Replies

1. Click on the Saved Reply icon below the editor while replying to a conversation/composing a new conversation and then click on the desired saved reply to insert.

2. While drafting any conversation, use the # shortcut to show up the saved reply options and then select the appropriate saved reply for the specific conversation.

Manage Saved Replies

Edit Saved Replies

Navigate to Automation> Saved replies. Click on the saved reply you wish to edit, and make your changes. Click Save Reply when you're finished editing.

Delete Saved Replies
Navigate to Automation> Saved replies. Click on the saved reply you wish to delete, then click the trash can icon on the top right of the reply.

Start using Helpwise’s Saved replies now and compose messages faster.

To know more, book a demo at https://helpwise.io/demo
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