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Manual Linking/Unlinking of Conversations to Contacts in Helpwise

Streamline customer query management with manual linking of conversations.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 8 months ago
Helpwise's manual linking allows you to associate specific conversations with the relevant contacts, enabling seamless tracking and efficient customer management. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually link conversations to contacts in Helpwise. 

How does manual linking help you in customer service?

Case 1:
Let's say you receive a conversation from a long-standing customer(email contact already in Helpwise), but this time it's from a new email or channel like Instagram or WhatsApp. With the manual contact linking feature in Helpwise, you can easily associate this new conversation from the new email or Instagramm or Whatsapp with the customer's existing contact email profile. By doing so, support agents can refer back to the previous conversations, notes, and interactions linked to that contact. This enables agents to have a comprehensive understanding of the customer's history and preferences, allowing them to address the new query with proper context and provide a personalized and efficient resolution.

Case 2:
Let's consider a support agent monitoring a group conversation involving multiple customers. Within this conversation, the agent identifies that a specific customer, let's call them "John," is primarily responsible for a particular issue. To ensure clear ownership and streamline the resolution process, the agent decides to manually link the entire group conversation to John's contact profile.

How to link/unlink Helpwise's Conversation to a contact?

Step 1: Accessing the Conversation:
Log in to your Helpwise account and navigate to the conversation you wish to link to a contact.
Step 2: Linking the Conversation:
- Within the conversation view, locate the contact details section. This section displays information about the contact associated with the conversation.- Click on the "Update Contact" option. A search bar or dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to search for and select the appropriate contact to link to the conversation.
Step 3: Searching for Contacts:
- In the search bar, enter the name, email address, or any other relevant details of the contact you want to link to the conversation.
- Select the correct contact from the list of suggestions.

- Click on the  "Link" button to complete the manual linking process. 
Step 4: Verifying the Link:
Once the linking process is complete, the conversation will now be associated with the selected contact.
You can verify the link by checking the contact details section in the conversation view. The contact's name, email address, or other identifying information will be displayed.

Step 5: Unlinking Conversations (Optional):
- If you need to unlink a conversation from a contact, follow the steps outlined above to access the conversation and navigate to the contact details section.
- Click on the "Update Contact" option.
- Confirm the unlinking action and the conversation will no longer be associated with the previously linked contact.

Start using manually linking conversations to contacts in Helpwise to effectively organize and track customer interactions, improving your overall customer management process.

If you have any queries about Helpwise's Conversation linking or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at help@helpwise.io
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