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Broadcast WhatsApp messages using Helpwise

Reach hundreds of your customer in one go with WhatsApp Broadcast
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 10 months ago
Helpwise's WhatsApp shared inbox allows users to create WhatsApp Broadcast messages. With just a few clicks, businesses can now effortlessly reach hundreds of customers. 

In this article, we will walk through the steps to broadcast WhatsApp messages using Helpwise. 

Note: WhatsApp Broadcast using Helpwise is only available in our advanced plan. 

How to send a WhatsApp broadcast using Helpwise's WhatsApp Inbox?

To send a WhatsApp Broadcast using Helpwise WhatsApp Inbox:
Step 1: Go to your Helpwise WhatsApp inbox and click on the settings icon
Step 2: In the WhatsApp Template, add your template with all the necessary variables
Step 3: Go back to your WhatsApp inbox, select Broadcast and then click on Create
Step 4: Add the Broadcast name, select your pre-approved Template message and upload a CSV file with the contact and all variable lists. Then, Click on Create.

Additionally, you can close all broadcast conversations as you do not want to populate your inbox with bulk-templated outgoing messages. Also, you can schedule your broadcast by selecting the Send Later option.

CSV template: You can download the sample CSV file from here

File formatting: The file must be a CSV file and may contain the fields listed below:

1. The number and labels of variables in the CSV file should be the same as that of the selected template. In case of a mismatch in the total number of variables, the broadcast can not be created.
2. The PhoneNo column can not be empty while the FirstName, LastName, and Email columns should be in the file and can have a null value.

Step 5:  Preview your WhatsApp broadcast message and then click on Send.
Step 6: You are all done, the broadcast is sent to your contact list. View your broadcast performance from the Overview section.

Start using WhatsApp Broadcast with Helpwise to reach out to hundreds of your customers in one go.

If you have any queries about WhatsApp Broadcast or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at help@helpwise.io
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