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Setting up Outlook (Microsoft 365) as a shared inbox

All about the setting up a shared Outlook inbox.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 11 months ago
Note: This article is for setting up a regular Outlook account as a shared inbox on Helpwise. If you want to set up a Shared Mailbox by Outlook, go here.

Helpwise supports a complete 2 way sync with Outlook. Here’s how you can set up your Outlook email inbox as a shared inbox in less than 2 minutes! 

What gets synced?
  1. Folders in Outlook will appear as Tags on Helpwise and vice versa

  2. Previous conversations on Outlook get migrated

  3. New conversations

  4. Archived emails in Outlook appear as 'Closed' on Helpwise

  5. Spam emails in Outlook appear in the 'Spam' on Helpwise

  6. Email snooze: If you snooze an email in Helpwise, it will move to the Snooze folder of Outlook. Note that if you move an email to the Snooze folder in Outlook then Helpwise won't reflect the same.

 Inbox Setup


  1. Select ‘Inboxes’ from the top navigation bar and go to ‘Add inbox’

  2. Click on the "Microsoft" icon to connect your account with Helpwise

  3. Enter your Outlook email id and hit "Connect Outlook". (Do not enable the toggle - keep it turned off).

  4. You will be directed to sign in to your Outlook account

  5. After signing in, give Helpwise permission to access your Outlook account (Hit "Yes")

You are done! You can start sending and receiving new emails in your Helpwise shared inbox.

Note: Old emails in your Outlook inbox may take 24-48 hours to complete the import, depending on the volume

Inbox Settings

Go to Manage > Inboxes from the top navigation panel to manage the settings of your freshly created shared inbox.

In the Settings, you can also:
  1. Give team members access to the inbox
  2. Set up aliases
  3. Set up assignment rules
  4. More settings
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