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Phone Inbox: Features

Understand the key features of phone inbox to make and receive calls directly from Helpwise.
Abhinash Daulaguphu
Updated 11 months ago

A Twilio number is required to set up a phone inbox in Helpwise. Twilio is a service from where you buy voice / SMS / Whatsapp-enabled phone numbers from around the globe.

Helpwise's Phone inbox can be combined with SMS inbox so that you can call and text your customer from the same place. With the phone / calling inbox, you can easily log your calls, get call recordings, set up voicemails and more.

In this article, we will outline the Key Features of the Phone Inbox. To learn how to set up Phone inbox in Helpwise, click here.

How it works

  • Make and receive calls: Making and receiving calls from Helpwise allows for efficient and effective communication between customers and support teams. Set up your Twilio Phone Inbox and download Helpwise Dialer App to make and receive calls.

    Note: If you already have an SMS (Twilio) Inbox, you can enable calling capabilities by enabling this setting from the inbox settings and make and receive calls using Helpwise Dialer App.

  • View Call Details: Get detailed logs of all call and SMS communication that has taken place between customers and support teams. Logs may include information such as the caller's name, the type of call (outgoing or incoming), recordings, and whether the call was answered or missed.

  • Call Recording: Enable the call recording setting to record audio by default during phone conversations. Call recordings will be available in your inbox. If the default call recording is disabled, your team can use the record option in the dialer during the duration of the call.
  • Call Routing: Route customer calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on certain criteria. Enable call routing by using simultaneous (all agents ) or round-robin options.
    If you select the round-robin option (each call will route to a different team member), make sure that your team marks themselves as 'Away' from the profile when they are not available.

  • Custom voicemail: Custom voicemail allows you to upload and use personalized voicemail greetings. Upload your personalized voicemail, and enable voicemails when all your agents are busy or have put the customers on hold during any call.

  • Enable Voicemail: Enabling the voicemail option allows callers to leave a voicemail if your agents are busy or away. The voicemail will be logged in the inbox as a missed call with a recording. This feature enables agents to refer back to missed calls and listen to the recordings for further communication with the caller, ensuring that no important message is missed.

  • User permissions: Permissions for making and receiving calls in the Helpwise calling inbox allows support managers to have better control over call activities and assign the right team members to handle incoming and outgoing calls. Users with incoming call permission enabled will solely receive incoming calls, while users with outgoing call permission enabled can make outbound calls.

How to enable calling functionality in Helpwise mobile app?

Helpwise Mobile App supports calling functionality. The calling functionality in the mobile app allows users to handle inbound and outbound calls seamlessly, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service even while on the move.

Inbound calls: By enabling the calling status in the mobile app settings, you can now receive customer calls directly within the Helpwise mobile app. This streamlines the process and ensures you never miss an important call.
Click to call: In the conversation view, you'll find a convenient Click to call icon. Simply tap on it, and you can initiate a call with your customers directly from the Helpwise mobile app. Also, from the recent call log list, with the click-to-call option, you can initiate the call. It's quick, efficient, and allows you to stay connected effortlessly.
Dialer: When you click on the compose menu icon in the Phone Inbox, you'll notice a dialer icon. Upon clicking it, a mobile dialer will open up, providing you with a user-friendly interface to dial your customers' numbers. This feature enhances your calling experience, making it more intuitive and convenient.
Note: All charges for calling and SMS limits are set by Twilio and users need to directly transact with Twilio for all the charges.

Now start using Helpwise’s Phone Inbox to interact with your customers with Voice and SMS capabilities.

If you have any queries about the Phone Inbox or anything around Helpwise, feel free to contact our live chat support or email at 

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