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Guide on how to manage contacts in Helpwise.
Vignesh CP
Updated 1 year ago
What are Contacts?

Helpwise helps you keep track of all the customers reaching out to you, letting you create and save them as contacts under the Contacts module. 
Contacts in Helpwise are built automatically when a customer gets in touch with you through Email, Live Chat, etc, or when a user composes a new conversation for the first time. 

Contacts Overview

Here's what you can do with contacts: 

1. Add and edit information about the contact
2. Bulk import contacts
3. Create custom fields to store custom info on your customers 
4. Add contacts to a group, which can then be used for automation
5. View all conversations of a contact, including the current open conversations
6. Add notes and activities 
7. Export contacts and all the information
8. Delete and block contacts

Contact widget

A contact can be managed and edited by using the sidebar contact widget rather for easy access as well as through our Contacts module (Manage > Contacts in the top navigation panel)

Once you are inside any email thread/conversation, click the profile icon on the right sidebar and you can choose to edit the information like email, phone, any custom field you have created etc.

Apart from editing and managing the contact you can also view the previous conversations, add notes, add activities, add the contact to a new group, or create a new group.

Click here to know more about adding notes, activities, etc.

Previous Conversation: You can also view the last 10 previous conversations with the contact for easy access. The Open conversations show up first followed by the Closed conversations.

Multiple contacts on an email thread: You can easily toggle between multiple contacts which might be there on an email thread to view or edit their information.

Adding a Contact

There are several ways to add contacts in Helpwise and follows as below:

1. Adding a single contact

Step 1: Click on Manage from the top bar and select Contacts.

Step 2: Click on the + icon to add a new contact
Step 3: Fill out the information of your contact and hit on Save.
Step 4: Click the + icon next to any field in the Contact information section to add your email address, and phone number.

2. Adding contacts in bulk by importing contacts

You can import contacts in Helpwise with a help of a .csv file.
Click on this link to know more about the steps involved.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added as additional information apart from the pre-built fields that are available. When you add a custom field, it becomes available in the sidebar contact widget as well.

Step 1: Click on the custom field Icon.

Step 2: Click on Add custom field
Step 3: Now add the custom field name and description and click on create.

Adding Contacts to a Group to automate actions

You can add contacts to a group in bulk or manually. Adding contacts to a group allows you to make use of Automation (Rules) to automate certain actions for a group of contacts.

For example, say you have different tiers of contacts basis their spend on your product / service. You can take various actions such as assigning emails sent by the highest tier of customers to a specialised team, auto-tagging their conversations etc.

Managing Contacts

Go to Manage > Contacts from top navigation panel to access and manage your contacts


You can see all the conversations associated with the specific contact here.


All notes associated with the specific contact can be seen here. Also, new notes can be added directly from here. This helps give your team context about a particular contact as required.


All activities(meetings, calls, etc.) associated with the specific contact can be seen here. Also, new activities can be created directly from here. Activities are simply a means to log details of calls, meetings etc. and does not serve any additional functionality currently.

Contacts Filter:

Contacts in Helpwise can be filtered as -

User Contacts: All contacts including internal users and contacts that were created or edited manually can be filtered here.

System contacts: All contacts that were captured by the system can be filtered here. Contacts are created automatically in Helpwise whenever there is an incoming message or an outgoing message is sent.

Exporting Contacts:

Contacts in Helpwise can be exported as a single CSV file.

All you have to do is just click on the export icon and the CSV gets downloaded.

Deleting and Blocking Contacts:

You can choose to delete a contact or block a contact by clicking on the three dots.

Delete this contact: Permanently deletes the contact along with the associated information.

Block this contact: Blocking a contact restricts receiving and sending messages to the blocked contact.

Have more questions about contacts? Reach out to help@helpwise.io or our live chat support.

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