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Trigger Helpwise rules once or always

Set up automation rules to increase your productivity.
Ankita Agarwal
Updated 11 months ago
Helpwise automation rules allow customer service teams to automate their customer service workflows and improve your team's productivity. Automate mundane tasks like assigning, tagging, closing, replying and more using automation rules.

💡 A guide to creating automation rules in Helpwise

In this article, we will outline how to trigger Helpwise automation rules: only once or always for any conversations. 

How to set up once or always trigger for Helpwise rules?

Note: Trigger setup - once or always only works for actions such as autoreply, assign, unassign,  random assign, and round-robin assignment.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage rules
Step 2: Create a new rule or select an existing rule
Step 3: Scroll down to the Actions module
Step 4: Select an action (autoreply, assign, unassign, random assign, and round-robin assignment)
Step 5: Uncheck the option to trigger the rule multiple times in a conversation. By default, it is selected for triggering the rule only once.
Note: If you automate multiple actions by setting them up in the actions module and wish to trigger the rule always. Only these actions (autoreply, assign, unassign, random assign, and round-robin assignment) will be triggered always while the other actions will be triggered only once. 

For example: In the image attached below, when the condition of the rule is met, only the Auto-Reply action will be triggered always while the Add Tag action will be triggered only once in the conversations. 

Now start using Helpwise to interact with your customers with Voice-calling support and other communication channels.

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